Protocol For America’s Cup 2021

The drawing of protocol for America’s Cup 2021 is on the verge of completion.

This year it was the Emirates team of New Zealand who have brought back the America’s Cup to their country, main accomplishments of Grant Dalton and Peter Burling. The syndicate is now working on certain traditions that are characteristic of this event.

Grant Dalton being the boss of Team New Zealand states that the drawing up of the protocol is more or less finished and it would be delivered soon. The plans that are being worked upon are for the defense line of action that they will undertake in Auckland where they will face Luna Rossa, the Italian challenger of their team. The responsibilities that lie with the winning team are also looking into fundraising campaigns. The team would be looking at fundraising options after they won the America’s Cup this year with their stunning performance in June in the Bermuda region. They were able to defeat the defenders of the cup, Oracle Team USA with a score of 7 to 1. There are European challengers with whom Dalton has touched base so that a two pronged plan can be worked out for the upcoming America’s Cup.

When the race ended the Italian team as well as authorities of Yacht Club Sicilia and Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron shook hands with the champions to showcase their commitment in working towards the America’s Cup that is coming up next.

Dalton states that the job is a large one as there are two facets to consider, that of the event as well as that of the team. They worked on the protocol and had to change certain details like dates and particulars of the forthcoming event and to ensure that the changes and rules would be ready within a short time and not dragged on for long.