Coral Reef Rescued by Hempel Series Competitors


Officials and Sailors from the USA gathered to form a team for rescuing a coral reef before the USA Hempel World Cup Sailing Series to be held in Miami. The expedition was led by the University of Miami and World Sailing and the necessary support was provided by Hempel which is the Official Partner for Coatings.  The award for Beyond Sports Climate Action that is given by the World Sailing saw six talented international sailors along with officials to become citizen scientists. They learned about the stresses of the coral reefs like pollution and climate change throughout the entire expedition of four hours. After that, they brought their hands forward to plant more than staghorn corals that had been reared by the University of Miami nursery.

Sailors in the Laser Radial class, Valeria Lomatchenko from Russia, Estere Kumpina from Latvia, and Philippine van Aanholt from Aruba, along with sailors from the Finn Class, Alexey Selivanov from Russia, Kyle Martin from Canada, and Laser class sailors, Tijn van der Gulik from Aruba participated in this expedition. It supported the 2030 Sustainability Agenda that has been initiated by World Sailing for making bold contributions towards sustainability globally with a view to provide education to all the international sailors and also to contribute towards the enhancement of the local environment by hosting an event of World Sailing.
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Youth Sailing World Series Venues Required

Youth Sailing Worlds is a series that is held annually and encourages young sailing talents across the world to participate in this tournament. World Sailing has recently launched invites for host cities and asked member national authorities to bid for this tournament, especially the editions 2021 and 2022 which are yet undecided.

This championship event is known to attract youth sailors, best of every nation, to participate and is known to be a tough competition. Participants for the same are selected by MNA where eligible sailors from different nations enroll. There are bid guidelines issued on their website which outline the specifications which are required for placing bids.
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Ladies’ Day In Lendy Cowes Week

The annual day for the ladies was celebrated again as part of Lendy Cowes Week; it was held this week, on Tuesday 7th August. The title sponsor of the event was Lendy and there were several celebrations that were completed along with the announcement of Tracy Edwards who won the Ladies Day Trophy. The evening was celebrated as a reception event organized at Northwood House.

This is a trophy that was first introduced in 2006 to celebrate the role of women and their achievements in sailing. The number of competitors in the female teams has increased over the years in Lendy Cowes Week. This year there were about 8000 competitors who took part in the regatta and a third of them were female. Tracy Edwards is known to have started participating in all female crew in the regatta from the 1989s or 90s. The Maiden crossing that she accomplished in 1989 has made it into the history books. Tracy was awarded MBE as well as being the first woman in 34 years to have received Yachtsman of the Year accolade. Tracy also worked to rescue the Maiden boat and bring it back to its former glory, a mission that she took up in 2016.
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Protocol For America’s Cup 2021

The drawing of protocol for America’s Cup 2021 is on the verge of completion.

This year it was the Emirates team of New Zealand who have brought back the America’s Cup to their country, main accomplishments of Grant Dalton and Peter Burling. The syndicate is now working on certain traditions that are characteristic of this event.

Grant Dalton being the boss of Team New Zealand states that the drawing up of the protocol is more or less finished and it would be delivered soon. The plans that are being worked upon are for the defense line of action that they will undertake in Auckland where they will face Luna Rossa, the Italian challenger of their team. The responsibilities that lie with the winning team are also looking into fundraising campaigns. The team would be looking at fundraising options after they won the America’s Cup this year with their stunning performance in June in the Bermuda region. They were able to defeat the defenders of the cup, Oracle Team USA with a score of 7 to 1. There are European challengers with whom Dalton has touched base so that a two pronged plan can be worked out for the upcoming America’s Cup.Continue reading

Round The Island Race Scheduled For July 1

The Island Sailing Club is gearing up to host the Round the Island Race for the year 2017. This is a one-day race event has been going on since 1931.

The race is organized in association with Cloudy Bay. This is one of the most looked forward to event by all professional sailors as well as newbies to the sailing sport. The best part about this race is that people from all walks of life are encouraged to take part and they get the chance to race using any boat, be it a maxi yacht, a boat or a cruiser.

This is a boat race for all and there are more than 16,000 sailors and over 1,600 boats that they part in this one-day sailing event. This makes the event one of the largest yacht races in the world. This year it is expected to be even bigger than last year and many are expecting new race records to be set. Last year was a record-setting year when Lloyd completed the race course in 2 hours and 23 minutes in the multihull division.Continue reading

Status Of Vendee Globe Competition

For those who have been following the Vendee Globe competition will now be relieved to hear news of most of the skippers making their way to the final stop and ending an epic voyage around the world as a solo skipper of their boat.

One of the latest members of the current tournament to finish the trip was Louis Burton. He made good speed after the maneuvering of Cape Horn and the safe and uneventful passage across the transatlantic waters. He has finally reached the finishing line at the seventh position overall. The others who are coming up behind him are Arnaud Boissieres who has crossed the Equator on February 1st, with six skippers on their way in South Atlantic waters.

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Youth Match Racing In Australia

Youth Match Racing Championship 2016 HARKEN International started in Australia amid the clear and sunny sky.

The steady wind breezes of Pittwater welcomed twelve international teams to start the event and make it a big success.

The wind condition of Pittwater which was a matter of concern to newcomers in event showed normal condition. The wind was blowing from east to northeast direction throughout the day making it participants to show their skills and game. The wind of Pittwater is shifty in nature and no one can judge what could be the next.

Matthew Hughes skipper is a newcomer in the event and he shined on the first day with six wins out of seven races. He is from Squadron Royal New Zealand Yacht. On the other hand Malcolm Parker the local sailor of Pittwater runs six races in which he won five. He lost one match from Squadron Royal. He used all his local experience to win matches in the event.  Continue reading