New Framework Of America’s Cup

Many are aware of the new framework of America’s Cup that was designed this year. The eight skippers who are to be part of the competition this year were asked to take a look at the existing terms of the old framework and bring about revisions in the same. The future of the event is tied to the terms that are laid down in the framework. The changes have been introduced in order to bring in a sense of continuity as well as stability in this reputed international regatta event which is considered one of the oldest trophy events in sailing.

The America’s Cup event authorities who oversee the events feel that the revisions made have brought in a hallmark change for the regatta series. This has come about after a span of 165 years. The teams coming together to bring about the changes also showcases an involvement of the skippers much beyond momentary participation in the events. Continue reading

Team NZ In America’s Cup

While most of the world was focused on Team Britain in America’s Cup World series the Team NZ was not far behind. The final lap of the nine regatta series ended in Japan on Sunday. The weekend races started off with practice rounds on Friday.

On Saturday the six teams took to the waters with Britain’s Land Rover BAR team being in the leading position. As the leader board scores showcased, Team NZ was in third place and their position remained the same when the first day of the races ended. The team was skippered by the expert sailor Glenn Ashby. The team finished in the second position in the first race while they obtained fifth position in the second race and was third in the final race. As a result, they accumulated a total of 23 points.Continue reading