Ladies’ Day In Lendy Cowes Week

The annual day for the ladies was celebrated again as part of Lendy Cowes Week; it was held this week, on Tuesday 7th August. The title sponsor of the event was Lendy and there were several celebrations that were completed along with the announcement of Tracy Edwards who won the Ladies Day Trophy. The evening was celebrated as a reception event organized at Northwood House.

This is a trophy that was first introduced in 2006 to celebrate the role of women and their achievements in sailing. The number of competitors in the female teams has increased over the years in Lendy Cowes Week. This year there were about 8000 competitors who took part in the regatta and a third of them were female. Tracy Edwards is known to have started participating in all female crew in the regatta from the 1989s or 90s. The Maiden crossing that she accomplished in 1989 has made it into the history books. Tracy was awarded MBE as well as being the first woman in 34 years to have received Yachtsman of the Year accolade. Tracy also worked to rescue the Maiden boat and bring it back to its former glory, a mission that she took up in 2016.

The result of her hard work on Maiden and the way it was refitted, will inspire younger generations; she has also helped to raise funds as well as awareness for providing education for girls which should be a basic right given to them in any community. Tracy has been selecting a new crew for Maiden and has chosen four young women to be part of that. The announcements were made at the event and that they would be ready for departing and taking part in the Southampton Boat Show on September 2018.