Youth Match Racing In Australia

Youth Match Racing Championship 2016 HARKEN International started in Australia amid the clear and sunny sky.

The steady wind breezes of Pittwater welcomed twelve international teams to start the event and make it a big success.

The wind condition of Pittwater which was a matter of concern to newcomers in event showed normal condition. The wind was blowing from east to northeast direction throughout the day making it participants to show their skills and game. The wind of Pittwater is shifty in nature and no one can judge what could be the next.

Matthew Hughes skipper is a newcomer in the event and he shined on the first day with six wins out of seven races. He is from Squadron Royal New Zealand Yacht. On the other hand Malcolm Parker the local sailor of Pittwater runs six races in which he won five. He lost one match from Squadron Royal. He used all his local experience to win matches in the event.  

Speaking about the weather conditions and his wins Parker said that the condition of water and wind both were good and most of player felt comfortable playing in place. Also, he was very happy for all his wins on finishing of the first day.

Anyon is also a sailor from Pittwater and he too used all his local experience to gain maximum race win. He too won five races out of six. He lost one match from Sarah Parker. The only female team in this event and she is also the sister of Malcolm. Team of Darwin, whose skipper was John Lynch could win any of the races on day one. But, they have some of the strongest race in event and that is the motivation for his team to perform better in second day of the event.